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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5.5.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric suggests to Rick that the fallout from what Storm did will hit the Logan family very hard. Eric admits to Rick that he doesn't know if he and Donna will marry tomorrow.

After Eric laughs at the idea of Ridge or Thorne helping with the wedding, Rick offers to be Eric's best man and is assigned the job. Nick tries his best to get Katie to smile and does so with a pun.

Brooke secretly watches his success and thanks him afterwards. When Donna arrives and talks about postponing the wedding, she starts to go on and on about their brother being a hero, thanks to the heart he donated. Katie stops her and sternly says that he's not a hero.

Donna blasts Katie for saying this after all Storm did for her. Katie counters that there is no honor or redemption in killing yourself. She orders her never to call Storm a hero.

Back at his place, Nick is greeted by an emotionally wrought Bridget who calls the past day a bad dream. Bridget blames herself for what has happened but Nick urges her to stop and boasts that he got a smile out of Katie. She thanks him and the two end up kissing.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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