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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5/7

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Finding Stephanie in the guest house, Ridge asks if she's seen Eric today. Explaining she's put off moving out until after the ceremony, she admits that he didn't seem so sure about marrying Donna yesterday.

Stephanie helps Pam get ready for the ceremony. Upset about Eric's decision, Pam invites her sister to go move to Chicago with her.

Stephanie laughs at the idea and asks her sister to stop with the dirty tricks against Donna. She also admits she doesn't think Eric will go through with the wedding.

Stephen and Brooke escort Donna to the Forrester mansion where the living room has been set up for today's wedding. After a few laughs and photos, Stephen slips away to see Eric and uses the moment to badmouth Eric's family.

He points out that Donna will outlive but Eric asks him to stop. Brooke's not pleased when Ridge hints that Stephanie doubts Eric will go through with the wedding. When she hears Eric mention a little voice telling him not to get married, she urges him to remember how much he loves Donna.

Stephanie overhears him talking about staying with Stephanie but Brooke reminds him of all the lies and schemes she used to control him.

As he returns to his family, Stephanie confronts Brooke and exchanges barbs with her. Though she agrees that Eric is infatuated with Donna, Stephanie tells an amused Brooke that she doesn't think Eric is going to marry Donna.

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