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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5.9

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful:

As Eric hesitates saying "I will," Stephanie turns to her sister Pam and confides that she knows he won't do it. Apologizing for not being "clearer headed," Eric tells Donna that he loves her and says he will love her forever. As Stephanie stares in disbelief, the minister marries them.

While Pam makes snide remarks, Donna tells Eric that she's the luckiest woman in the world. Felicia finds her mother out on the terrace and claims that she can tell Eric still loves her. Stephanie returns inside and grabs a glass of champagne to offer a toast, thanking Eric for being a great husband.

Pointing out to Donna how lucky she is, Stephanie then offers her congratulations before saying goodbye to everyone. When the others offer to leave with her, she insists that they stay and celebrate with Eric.

Out at the car, Stephanie tells herself that she'll miss the mansion and all of its memories. Hearing Donna giggling, she returns for a second to see her dancing with Eric.

Stephanie remembers dancing with Eric on that same living room floor many years ago. Agreeing they're just friends, Katie warns Nick that he can't fix her. She also points out that no one is willing to admit that Storm's death was not an accident including Nick.

Ashley arrives and updates them on the wedding. When they talk about the night she was shot, Katie suddenly realizes that when she grabbed the gun, she pulled the trigger which means she shot herself. After Ashley leaves, Nick refuses to go. Katie cries to him that she killed Storm.

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