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Eric asks Ridge to confirm that he tried to turn off his respirator. Guessing Rick told him, Ridge explains that he heard Eric's voice asking him to "end it."

Eric insists that he would never give up his life and claims Rick's as helpless as Eric once was. Ridge urges Eric not to allow Rick to play him the way he is.

Finding Rick standing by his bed, Brooke asks him how this happened.

Rick claims the good news that he's going to be president of Forrester gave him the encouragement to stand on his own. He takes a step or two to show his success.

As he does so, Eric and Ridge arrive.

While Eric marvels at his success, Ridge sarcastically calls it a miracle, suggesting it was Eric's pat on the back that made him walk. Rick tells Eric that he's standing because of him.

Ridge suggests someone should call his doctor but Rick won't allow it, vowing to make Brooke and Eric happy.

Though Steffy is sure that Ridge will be coming over for a family dinner, Taylor urges her not to get her hopes up.

Steffy calls her father who tells her that Rick can walk again. Hearing what's happened, Taylor is relieved that Rick is walking again but worries that Ridge will move back in with Brooke now.

Getting a moment alone with Rick, Ridge accuses him of faking his "miracle" to fool Brooke and Eric. Rick responds by reminding him that he's the bastard son of Massimo Marone and is not really a Forrester.

He then vows to destroy Ridge if he gets in his way.

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