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Ridge guesses to Taylor that Rick gave Eric the same story Thorne used to give Eric every few years. He says he's putting his faith in Brooke and, therefore, she will tell everyone how wrong this is.

Taylor then is astounded when Ridge admits he still may not be able to move back in with Brooke because of Rick's rehabilitation.

He guesses that it's a charade Rick is playing to get what he wants.

Stephanie pleads with Eric to change his mind about making Rick president of Forrester but he refuses as Rick complains that Ridge wasn't man enough to attend today's podcast.

With Brooke and Rick by his side, Eric begins and then is forced to start over, thanks to a technical problem.

He then announces to the staff that Rick is the new president. After Rick thanks his father, Eric directs Brooke to say a few words.

She talks up Rick's abilities and then takes a moment to talk about how valuable Ridge has been to the company.

Afterwards, Jake starts editing the video while Rick pulls his mother aside and blasts her for boosting Ridge's ego when today was supposed to be all about his promotion.

Brooke defends her words and hopes that one day, he and Ridge can work together. Rick tells himself that it will never happen.

Eric and Stephanie both thank Brooke for the nice things she said about their son. Stephanie warns Eric she doesn't know if Ridge will ever forgive him.

When Jake is called away to another problem, Rick offers to finish the final viewing of the podcast and edits out his mother's comments about Ridge.

When the podcast plays, Ridge is outraged to hear Brooke seemingly tout Rick as the "cornerstone of Forrester Creations" and a visionary.

Later, when Brooke comes home, Ridge asks how she could betray him.

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