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Nick fails to help Katie feel more confident when he suggests that it's up in the air whether Brooke and Ridge get back together.

He senses her concern and urges her not to worry. Thorne tells Eric about Brooke and Ridge's troubles. The two question Eric's decision to promote Rick.

Thorne warns his father that Rick is not to be trusted.

When Rick defends all he has done for Forrester, Stephanie points out he got to the top by lying. He insists that they both want the same thing.

She disagrees and warns him not to be surprised by the outcome of his scheme.

Calling him smart, Stephanie asks why he has done this and points out how obvious it is that he's yearning for his father and mother's approval.

Stephanie states that Eric wants Brooke and Ridge together and asked her earlier not to interfere. After some thought, Stephanie tells him that no one can know.

On the beach, Ridge calls out Brooke's name and is relieved when she comes over to him. Pointing out they both came here after their terrible fight, Brooke tells Ridge that it is meant for them to be together.

After calling her beautiful and vowing to be with her always, Ridge kisses Brooke.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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