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Rick confirms for his mother, Marcus and Katie that he's getting better and then tells then that he needs to know he has their support. Marcus says they're all one big family but Rick fears someone will divide them.

When Donna arrives, Rick chastises her for being late and then demands that she not hurt Eric anymore.

When Steffy brings the mail and tosses it on his desk, Rick claims he can now see more of her father in her than her mother.

Rick orders Marcus to have every mention of Ridge's name removed from every office and corridor in the building.

Katie privately warns Rick that he's fighting a useless battle trying to oust Ridge from Brooke's life. Eric asks Ridge to come back to work.

Stating there is only one way he will, Ridge asks him where his dignity is. Eric asks him to stop thinking about job titles and come back to produce brilliant designs with him.

Ridge responds that Rick is playing both him and Brooke and vows not to be a part of it. Talking with Felicia, Thorne and Stephanie agree that Rick has really divided the family.

When Owen interrupts, Felicia and Stephanie guess Donna brought him back. Thorne stuns them both by revealing that it was Eric's idea.

Rick is outraged when Brooke announces that it's time for him to move out so that she can be with Ridge. When she tells Ridge to pack his things and come home with her, he asks when Rick will be leaving.

Brooke states that he's leaving tonight. Meanwhile, a fuming Rick decides to use Ridge's daughter to turn him against Brooke.

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