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Stephanie reveals the current state of her relationship with his father and Thorne is far from thrilled. Stephanie urges him to wait for Eric to make up his mind, but he vows not to allow Donna back in his life.

Katie suggests to Owen that he stay away from Donna but he complains Eric is leaving her hanging.

She warns him that he could get in trouble if he makes the wrong move but he vows to protect Donna. Katie approaches Stephanie back at the house and defends Donna's relationship with Eric.

Stephanie counters that she doesn't know what she would do without Eric in her life. Meanwhile, Donna thanks Eric for the kiss last night.

When she talks about taking up where they stopped, he warns that it's not that easy.

He's called away to the cutting room and later, takes a call from Ashley who announces that she is leaving Forrester because she's moving back to Genoa City to be with Victor Newman.

When Thorne confronts his father, Eric orders his son to go to Owen's office and remove the camera. He assures him that Stephanie will always be in his life.

Thorne grabs the laptop and insists that Eric look at Donna with Owen again. In spite of what he sees, Eric defends his lover until Owen locks the door and returns to Donna.

The two start kissing until Owen lifts her up onto his desk. Eric cries out in disbelief as he watches them.

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