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Brooke reminds Taylor and Ridge that she asked Ridge to move out because of Rick. Whispering to him an invitation to come by the house and slip up the back way, Brooke says goodbye to Taylor.

After she leaves, Taylor asks Ridge how Brooke has the nerve to order him around. At home, when Brooke complains about Ridge's decision to stay at Taylor's, Rick tells his mother that he thinks she deserves a man who is not going to be spending his free time with his "Doc."

As he goes on and on about how terrible Ridge is for her, Rick demands that his mother put Rick first in her life for the first time.

As both Stephanie and Donna ask him to choose, Eric announces that Rick is his focus now because he's paralyzed.

When Eric finally admits that he loves both of them, Stephanie gets him to reveal that he doesn't want to choose between them right now.

Though Eric offers to move out, he then decides that the three of them will live together for the time being. Later, upstairs in the bedroom, Donna finds Eric under the covers and strips before she hops into bed with him.

Suddenly, the covers are thrown back and Stephanie reveals that she's been sleeping, not Eric. Finding his father at work, Ridge urges Eric to work from home instead and then gets into an argument about allowing Donna to have anything to do with Forrester.

Tired of his badmouthing Donna, Eric warns him to accept his decisions. Instead, Ridge invites him to spend more time with Stephanie or another woman and let him take over the company.

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