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Eric tells Donna that she is breaking his heart and asks if Owen truly means this much to her. Donna claims that it would be useless to continue.

Eric responds by removing his wedding ring and announces that their marriage is over. He asks if this is what she wants and she removes her own.

Pam smiles as Eric leaves.

She approaches Donna and suggests that she was never meant to be married anyway. As Pam checks the handgun she has hidden on her, a crying Donna orders her to either shoot her or get out and stay away from Eric.

Pam warns that she'll be watching. Brooke asks Taylor if Rick told her that he is fine with a childless marriage and doubts that Taylor would want to be raising a child in ten years.

Though Taylor insists this is a conversation for her and Rick, Brooke continues and gets Taylor to talk about her issues with Jack and her alcoholism.

However, Brooke crosses the line when she points out in a few years, Taylor might be too old for Rick. Brooke then points out Taylor's terrible track record but Taylor attributes it to her and accuses her of trying to steal another man she loves away from her.

As Brooke continues, Taylor asks Brooke to give her back her husband. Brooke is astounded and asks her if she would rather marry Rick or Ridge.

Eric returns home to find Stephanie waiting. He announces that his marriage is over because Donna is in love with "him."

Thrilled, Stephanie claims that she thought Donna was in love with him but points out that she is with him now and loves him.

Steffy tells her father that she thinks he loves Taylor more than Brooke. Ridge insists he's marrying Brooke.

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