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Brooke warns her son that he is Taylor's second choice.

Rick accuses her of meddling and baiting his future wife.

Brooke insists that Taylor told her that Ridge is the love of her life. Rick laughs at the idea and claims that Taylor's not in love with Ridge.

Rick then suggests that if Taylor does have feelings for Ridge, Brooke should be worried about Ridge.

After Taylor confesses that she still has feelings for him, Ridge admits that she's not the only one with feelings.

As she talks about "caring," Taylor reminds him that their relationship was destroyed by Brooke.

He retells how he ended up fathering a son with Brooke.

Pointing out that he has yet to marry Brooke, Taylor asks Ridge if he's considered why he hasn't done so yet.

She asks him if he is truly happier after giving her up to be with Brooke.

Ridge tells her his love for Brooke is separate and promises he'll always love her. After they embrace, Taylor kisses Ridge.

Owen suggests to Donna that she meet secretly with Eric and tell him about Pam but Donna claims that Pam would find out and take her revenge.

She adds that it would be better for Eric to end up with Stephanie than to end up dead.

Donna then thanks Owen for being her "pillar of strength" and insists she couldn't have done this without him. Seeing how exhausted she is, he invites her to sleep in his bed while he takes the couch.

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