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Brooke rips Taylor for urging Ridge not to marry Brooke. Ridge wants to act as referee and calls to his father's office.

When Thorne points out there is no Donna around, Eric asks him not to mention her name.

Taylor accuses Brooke of using Jack to stay close to Nick but Brooke insists that she and Ridge are getting married.

When she orders Taylor to stay out of her relationship with Nick because it's none of her business, Taylor yells that it most certainly is her business since she gave birth to the little boy.

She vows to be a part of that boy's life for the next 18 years, warning that she's going to be watching him very closely.

Ridge returns and asks Brooke to leave so he can chat with his ex.

Suggesting three people raising Jack isn't a good idea, Taylor claims it would be best for him to be raised by his parents.

She then asks Ridge to be with her and kisses him.

Stephanie surprises Donna who is with Owen. After Owen exits, Stephanie asks why she ended things with Eric and guesses it's because she doesn't love Eric. Donna is outraged and orders her to get out.

As she leaves, Stephanie tells Donna that she hopes she never sees her again. Owen calls Stephanie back and tells her that Donna ended things with Eric because Pam is blackmailing her.

After Eric calls to request that she and her attorney come to the office to discuss their divorce, Pam calls Donna and leaks that she sees Stephanie has come back.

Donna goes back inside and, hearing that Owen told Stephanie everything, warns that Pam's going to kill Eric if she doesn't do as she orders.

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