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Ridge asks Taylor what she's doing. Taylor admits that she's held Ridge as the standard upon which to judge things in life.

He reminds her that he and Brooke are planning their wedding but Taylor points out she hasn't seen any evidence of that.

She urges Ridge to believe that, thanks to Jack, he will always have Nick butting into his life and his relationship.

Ridge confirms that he does have the same feelings she does but insists that his future is with Brooke. He also vows not to let anything interfere with that.

Back at home, Taylor tells Rick that she can't marry him.

Worried that Pam might catch them talking, Donna pleads with Stephanie to get out.

Stephanie finds her claims hard to believe but Donna points out that Pam hurt Eric once and has threatened to do so if Donna doesn't stay away from Eric.

After Stephanie finally leaves, Pam calls Donna and asks why her sister came back. Donna covers and then convinces Pam that she must see Eric one more time to sign the divorce papers.

Eric is perturbed when Owen accompanies Donna to his office for the divorce paper signing.

As she signs the settlement papers first, Eric is outraged that she has nothing to say and didn't react to his declaration that he's keeping the house.

Donna states that she has nothing to say. After they sign everything, Eric storms out with his attorney.

Stephanie then announces to Donna that she is going to try to help protect her and Eric from her sister and may end up giving Donna what she wants in the process.

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