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Ridge admits his relief, but Rick angrily asks what he's doing there and denies that his fall was an accident. Rick demands they get him out.

In the hall, Brooke asks Ridge if Rick is telling the truth.

She guesses that he is to blame for the fall but Ridge argues that Rick attacked him. He adds that he was protecting himself when he pushed Rick who then fell to the ground below.

After embracing him, Brooke stares at Ridge in disbelief after the doctor tests Rick's legs and determines he can't feel anything in them.

Donna calls and is relieved when Eric reveals that Pam is at the hospital. He offers to call her later. At the hospital Stephanie okays the police to be called as they try to determine what's wrong her sister.

Dr. Brauer advises Eric and Stephanie that there is a growth in Pam's brain that seems to be moving and getting larger.

When asked about past head injuries, Stephanie advises the doctor that she remembers that Pam once fell down a flight of stairs.

Before going to talk with her sister, Stephanie sends Eric to go talk with Donna. Donna arrives at the Forrester mansion and gets an update from Eric about Pam.

He points out that she ended their marriage in order to protect him and confesses that he doesn't know how he can ever repay her.

Eric suggests she could have secretly come to him but Donna explains she was terrified of Pam.

As she cries, she admits how relieved she is that everyone is okay.

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