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Seeing Pam watching, Donna tells Eric now is not a good time to talk about reconciliation. He presses her to explain.

Donna claims that she has seen the future and therefore, she is ending their relationship right now. He kisses her and boasts that he is not going to allow her to throw what they have away.

Pointing out that others have accepted their relationship and decision to marry, Rick pleads with his mother to do so too.

Brooke claims she's tried but he asks her to try harder.

When she continues to fight the notion, Rick announces that if she can't accept the marriage, he doesn't want her at the wedding.

He asks her to go see Taylor and tell her that she has accepted their relationship.

Brooke brings up another reason so Rick stops his mother and announces that he is done with her and doesn't want her at the wedding.

Meanwhile, Steffy suggests to her mother that marriage may not be the right thing for her now. Taylor responds that just because her marriage with Ridge failed doesn't mean one with Rick will too.

Steffy then accuses her mother of still being in love with Ridge.

Taylor agrees that she will always love him.

Later, Brooke bursts in and, pointing out that she gave up Jack, lets Taylor know that she would do anything to end this marriage before it begins.

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