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The kids welcome Eric back.

Eric struggles to state that he thought he died.

Stephanie asks Eric what he needs and when he mentions Donna's name, Ridge quickly claims that she's out of town on Forrester business.

Alone with Stephanie, Ridge tells her and Thorne that they can't tell Eric about Donna's young lover because of how it may affect him.

Meanwhile, Eric thinks he hears Donna's voice from upstairs.

Owen tries to convince Donna to forget about going to check on Eric at the hospital and stay at the house with him.

Donna insists on going but when Owen again tells her that he's got all she needs where love is concerned, she asks him to stop pushing her.

Instead, he continues until he kisses her.

As they kiss, Eric wheels up to the door and stares in disbelief.

Eric rolls in, breathing heavily which stuns the two. As the rest of the Forresters arrive, Eric yells at Donna to get out.

Donna pleads for their support but Stephanie quietly insists that she leave for Eric's sake. When Brooke arrives at Taylor's and finds Rick trying to comfort a crying Jack, she presses him to admit that Taylor is still having problems trying to bond with the baby.

Rick claims Taylor just needs encouragement so Brooke suggests that the encouragement needs to come directly from her.

Brooke finds Taylor holding the crying baby and takes him from her.

The boy quickly stops crying and allows Brooke to put him down for a nap. Brooke offers her support but Taylor is suspicious.

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