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Donna returns to the mansion and tries to convince Thorne that she needs to see Eric. He has a security guard throw her out.

Stephanie, Ridge and Felicia are with Eric as Dr. Patrick learns about Eric seeing Donna with another man.

As Thorne joins them, the doctor admits that Eric's brain seems to be functioning well which is a good sign.

The kids all blame his recovery on Stephanie. Eric can't believe it when he learns that Pam poisoned him.

After leaving a message for Nick to call her about Jack, Brooke is shocked when Donna tells her that Eric is out of his coma.

She's stunned to hear the rest of the story about being caught in bed with Owen though Donna insists she wasn't unfaithful. Brooke calls about seeing Eric but Ridge tells her that she's not allowed at this time because she's Donna's sister.

Later, Stephanie barges into Brooke's place and orders her to stay away from the house, telling her to walk away from Eric for good if she truly wants to help him.

Donna accuses her of manipulating Eric but Stephanie claims that Eric might have died when he saw her in bed with Owen.

After she reveals she saw her earlier in bed with Owen before they moved Eric out of the hospital, Stephanie orders her to stay away from her husband. Donna vows not to be stopped.

When Rick admits that Jack is fast asleep, Taylor is upset that the baby sleeps when he puts him down but not when she does.

Later, however, Jack wakes and won't stop crying.

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