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Donna pleads with Eric to give her another chance.

He asks why she did not wait for him to come out of his coma.

She says it was two long months and  that Ridge tried to take over the company from her.

Stephanie and Thorne notice the opened crate and finally figure out that Donna was probably hiding in it.

They rush upstairs and Thorne physically pulls Donna away from Eric as they kiss. He tosses her out to the hall where Stephanie argues with her about whether she should be in Eric's life.

Donna accuses her of trying to turn Eric against her with her lies and manipulations.

Stephanie reminds her rival that she was with Owen when Eric emerged from his coma. Thorne finally grabs Donna and drags her outside as Stephanie warns she'll have her arrested if she trespasses again.

Ridge surprises Brooke with a candle-lit bedroom. He assures her that he loves her and wants the upcoming marriage to be perfect.

However, their talk leads to an argument about the problems that exist between the Forrester and Logan families.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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