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Spotting Owen, Bridget tosses wine on him for his affair with Donna. Owen comments on how upset she is.

He gets her talking about how unlucky she is in picking out men and finally connects when he tells her how beautiful she is.

Badmouthing Donna's surprise visit to Eric but insisting that Brooke knew nothing about it, Ridge tells Stephanie that he wants Stephanie and Eric to be at his upcoming wedding with Brooke.

Stephanie reminds him of all the trouble that she thinks Brooke is and points out about her relationship with Nick.

Hearing about the trouble with Jack, Stephanie points out that Nick is going to be in Brooke's life, thanks to Jack but Ridge denies it.

He claims Taylor has custody and won't allow Brooke to interfere. Taylor tells Brooke that she is Jack's mother.

However, she admits that Jack is not getting from her what he needs in spite of everything that she has done.

As Brooke checks to make sure R.J. and Hope are treating Jack right, Rick assures Taylor that this arrangement doesn't have to be permanent.

Taylor recounts how wonderful she expected it would be once she got custody of Jack. However, she watches Brooke playing with Jack and claims this is the way it's supposed to be.

Gathering her nerve, Taylor asks Brooke is she is willing to be the mother to Jack that she can't be.

With tears in her eyes, Brooke insists that she can be a mother to Jack.

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