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Rick comforts Taylor, who has given up Jack. Ridge admits he's surprised Taylor would give up Jack. Brooke reminds him that she's his mother.

Ridge is astounded when he realizes that Brooke agreed to the arrangement and insists it's a bad idea.

When she claims that she can do this with Nick, Ridge won't hear it and orders her to turn down Taylor's offer.

Brooke is shocked that he wants her to reject her son but Ridge points out how dysfunctional this will be.

She counters that her child is crying out for help and she can't ignore his little voice. Pointing out how big her heart has always been, Ridge tells Brooke that he will be there for her.

Admitting she spoke to Bridget earlier, Katie tells Nick that she encouraged her and Nick to move on with their lives as she is doing.

She adds that Bridget suggested that they be together. Nick reveals that Taylor asked Brooke to be Jack's mother.

Katie is surprised but Jack suggests that he's in favor of what's best for his son and thinks they can raise him together.

The two have sex for the first time since the island.

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