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Nick brings Bridget to the Shady Marlin for a special getaway to tell her about Katie's pregnancy. Katie invites Brooke over and struggles to tell her what happened on Catalina Island.

When she finally blurts out one excuse after another for what happened, Brooke figures it out and Katie confirms that she and Nick had sex that night.

Brooke lashes out at her and is surprised to hear that Nick is telling Bridget right now. Katie insists that Bridget is in better shape now to handle this news but when Katie leaks that she's pregnant with Nick's child, Brooke viciously slaps her.

Owen boasts to Donna that all the charges against him have been dropped and that Lieutenant Baker decided not to press charges against him for "borrowing" the police car to rescue her.

Donna admits she's not sure what to do so he brings her some tea and puts her to bed, assuring her that he is there for her.

With Ridge joining her at Eric's hospital bed, Stephanie blames herself for not seeing how dangerous her sister had become.

She then introduces Ridge to Dr. Seifert who is a recognized expert on comas who she brought to town without telling Donna. Once Ridge leaves, Stephanie admits she's never considered that she might have to get ready to deal with his death.

As she talks, Eric opens his eyes and calls out for Donna. She explains who she is and he calls her Stephanie, much to her great relief.

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