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Stephanie asks Owen why Donna keeps denying they had sex. He insists they only kissed. Donna spots them together. Stephanie can't believe that they went to Paris and didn't have sex.

He confirms that he truly loves Donna so Stephanie suggests that he'll have her all to herself soon enough. Stephanie leaves, Donna angrily confronts Owen and he assures her he only confirmed what really happened.

He reminds her that he's in love with her and pleads for her to be with him. Donna states that she only wants to be with her husband.

Ridge lets Katie know that he's not happy that she's involved with Nick. He then reveals that Brooke is now officially Jack's mother.

Shocked, Katie remarks that she's surprised Nick would give Brooke a legal right to his son. Ridge points out that this was his idea to protect Brooke and himself.

When he starts to badmouth Nick, she stops him and reminds him that she's carrying Nick's baby.

Nick finds Brooke having fun with Jack and announces that his lawyers are putting together the agreement for her and that Taylor has given him her approval.

Brooke asks Ridge how he thinks Katie will react to their new custody agreement. Meanwhile, Ridge confides to Katie that he's having second thoughts about this "new deal."

She assures him that he has nothing to worry about Nick and Brooke but Ridge reminds her how Nick hurt Bridget, twice and guesses Nick is thrilled with the idea of having Brooke in his life for years to come.

Katie refuses to be a watchdog and resents it when Ridge hints that Nick cannot be trusted.

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