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Nick tries to tell Bridget that Katie is pregnant but she quiets him and asks him to make love to her.

Brooke lashes out at Katie for being pregnant and disagrees when Katie reveals that Nick thinks Bridget will be able to handle this.

Katie becomes further upset when Brooke talks about this "mistake" and vows that this isn't one of those.

Brooke becomes more concerned when Katie lets slip that the pregnancy also puts her life in danger. Brooke points out all Bridget has done for her and warns that this crisis will rock her world.

As Eric mumbles, Stephanie tells him that they have been praying for him and that Donna was here earlier as were the children.

She offers to go tell the doctor and then with a grimace, promises to call Donna too. Before she can, Pam calls and blames everything on Donna.

Stephanie offers to go to her before the police do but Pam won't tell her where she is, hinting she won't be far.

In bed with Owen, Donna pulls back from his lips and admits that she's thinking about Eric.

He reminds her that Eric wanted her to get on with her life but she counters that he meant that after he was gone.

Owen won't let up and presses her not to be all alone. As the two start to remove their clothes, Stephanie climbs up the stairs and spots them in bed together.

She hurries back to Eric's hospital room and finds him sleeping. She whispers that she will protect him from Donna.

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