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Brooke warns Katie that Bridget is going to be devastated by her pregnancy. Bridget can't believe Nick's claim that Katie is pregnant.

Nick insists that he still loves his wife but Bridget announces that they are through.

When she presses him for details, Nick quietly explains that he's known about the pregnancy for a few weeks as he and Katie wanted to wait until the end of the first trimester to make sure the baby would be okay.

Outraged, Bridget demands that he take her back to the marina. Bridget hops into her car and hurries to confront Katie.

Brooke finds Nick on the boat and he admits he doesn't know where her daughter is.

After Dr. Seifert accepts the set up for Eric in the mansion's upstairs bedroom, Rick enters and learns from Ridge and Stephanie about the real possibility that Eric will recover.

Ridge boasts that Donna is in Paris for the spring opening which surprises Rick. The two downplay his concern as Stephanie explains that she wants Eric in his house surrounded by the people who love him.

After Taylor arrives, Rick asks Ridge to call Donna with the news but Ridge ignores him.

Rick and Taylor both wonder why they have kept Donna out of the loop. Ridge finally admits that Donna is cheating on Eric with Owen.

Stephanie claims she saw Donna in bed with Owen but Taylor guesses she might have misinterpreted what she saw. Stephanie denies it.

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