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James warns that the therapy sessions are not going so well for Brooke and Taylor. She and Brooke continue to argue until James interrupts.

He hands them each a padded weapon and instructs them to take out their anger and aggression. First, though, James asks each woman to verbally explain their complaints about the other before lashing out.

Ridge suddenly enters the cabin and James announces that he's through with these two, warning Ridge that he has never seen anything like this.

After the psychiatrist goes into the bedroom, Ridge chastises the two women and points out the kids need them. Brooke and Taylor calm down and realize their mistake.

Drinking heavily, James returns and is shocked to see the break through they have made. He gets them to embrace and listens as they apologize to each other.

After a commercial break, Owen tells the TV host that his marriage gives him and Jackie both what they want. He explains that he gets out of it what he wants with the beautiful and rich older woman and she does too.

As Clarke and Jackie watch and listen in disbelief, Owen claims that their relationship has been nothing but a fantasy and a publicity stunt.

Staring at the camera, Owen laughs and tells Jackie that she's been "punk'd." Standing by his mother's side, Nick offers his sympathy and promises to take care of Owen but she asks him to back off.

In the TV studio, Clarke asks Owen what he's doing but he just smiles and walks off. Later, Whip finds a tipsy Jackie at his door, holding a half-empty champagne bottle.

Whip offers his sympathy. When Owen calls to explain, Jackie won't let him talk and hangs up on him. Jackie then turns to Whip and starts kissing him.

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