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Owen approaches Jackie. She tells him she wants nothing to do with him. Owen insists she listen to his explanation. Owen slips out and returns with his identical twin.

Jackie stares in disbelief as the lookalike admits that he had a little fun putting down his brother down in their hometown.

Owen reveals that when he arrived at the TV station for the interview, he was hijacked and thus, missed the interview.

After sending his brother back home, Owen apologizes to his wife who can't stop thinking about what happened between her and Whip last night.

She runs upstairs to tell Whip and he assures her all they did was kiss. He suggests she doesn't have to tell Owen.

Donna worries when she guesses that Katie has fallen in love with Bill.

She warns her sister about how devious the man can be and offers to prove her point in two minutes by flirting with him near the pool.

As Katie hides and watches, Donna comes on to Bill who surprises her by giving her a donut in the mouth instead of a kiss.

Donna doesn't give up and flaunts her barely covered body by the pool but Bill's not interested. Katie emerges from her hiding place and laughs about Donna's theory.

Assuring them both he's not upset, Bill claims it was just Donna trying to protect her sister. Later, he and Katie snuggle and kiss on one of the lounges.

He shows her the latest story about Forrester's success which reports that Katie is responsible.

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