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Katie explains to a curious Bill that she brought him the "Wack a Mole" game. She's thrilled when he surprises her with his favorite photo.

As they have fun together, Hillary interrupts with coffee and files for his appointments tomorrow. Nervous to find them together, Hillary spills the coffee but is surprised when Bill assures her he doesn't care.

He then orders her to take tomorrow off so she can go watch her daughter play soccer. After Hillary leaves, Katie tells Bill she's impressed that he took time to find out something about his employees.

She gushes how much she likes the new Bill Spencer. Whip tries to explain to Nick why he did what he did to his mother, admitting that he actually has feelings for the woman.

Nick admits that he doesn't like Owen but Whip reminds him Jackie does. Offering him a drink, Nick states that Jackie hasn't been happier in her life and hopes that it stays that way.

Meanwhile, Jackie steels herself before finally telling Owen that she kissed Whip the night of the interview. She asks for his forgiveness.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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