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Nick tries to comfort his devastated mom but she admits Owen won't forgive her. Pam suggests that Jackie do something big to convince Owen of her love.

As they run through a mental list of ways to woo Owen, Pam comes up with the idea of writing a big note that she loves him. Finding him at his beach house, Nick stuns Owen when he asks him to go back to his mother.

After challenging his reasons for doing this, Owen then insists that he can't forgive Jackie for kissing Whip. Nick lectures him about the duties of a husband but Owen doesn't see it this way.

After Nick leaves, Owen is startled when he spots Jackie attached to a parachute, being dragged through the air by a boat that also is pulling a sign that reads "I Love You Owen."

Grabbing a pair of binoculars, Owen is amused to see who it is and, after reading the profession of love, tells himself that he loves her.

Brooke pulls Ridge aside and reveals that her mother is not herself these days. She reports that she has Alzheimer's and is in stage 5 which means she'll require long-term care.

Brooke sadly adds that they are "losing her, bit by bit."

Stephanie blasts Beth for trying to pressure Ridge to go back to Brooke and accuses her of being manipulative.

Beth laughs at the idea of Stephanie calling her that and surprises her by vowing that the Logan family will remain come out on top.

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