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Brooke tells Ridge that if he truly wants this wedding, she will leave him alone. Ridge points out that he asked her to stay away. Taylor finds Ridge hesitant and announces that she is not going to do this today.

Taylor explains that when she marries Ridge, she wants there to be no other obstacles.

When she addresses the family members outside, Stephanie asks Ridge if he's going to allow Brooke to do this.

Taylor states that Brooke has ruined this day for her.

When Thomas blasts Brooke, Ridge interrupts and claims this is his fault. However, he also announces that nothing has changed and he is going back home with Taylor and the kids.

Bill surprises Katie at Brooke's place as she looks for her.

Donna calls from outside the beach house and updates her on Brooke's arrival on a horse. Sensing Katie's role in Brooke's life, Bill promises not to publish anything he's learned today.

Later, Brooke comes home with her good news for Katie. Later, Stephanie barges in and calls her an adolescent for what she did today.

Taunting her with how often she has been wrong about Ridge, Brooke boasts that she will have him back.

Over dinner, Ridge thanks his family for their patience but doesn't please Taylor when he claims that he just needs to give Brooke some time.

Before he takes to a shelter the leftovers from the canceled reception, Ridge apologizes to Taylor for what happened.

She insists she's fine but again claims that he want her one hundred percent.

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