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Taylor tries to convince her daughter she can't be with Rick. When Steffy won't give him up, Stephanie brings James Warwick to the house.

James greets Taylor who admits her frustration with her daughter over her desire for Rick.

Steffy tells James that she's doing what Phoebe would want her to do and is going on with her life.

Boasting of his years of study and his expertise, James sternly tells Steffy that Rick is using her.

Rick boasts to his mother that he's fallen in love. She asks who the lucky gal is and is taken aback to hear it's Steffy.

She insists they can't be together.

When he confesses that he gave the designs to Jackie so he could be with Steffy, Brooke lashes out at him for betraying his father.

She points out that he's gone after the one woman he can't have and asks him to consider what this will do to Ridge. He asks for her support but she refuses and forbids him from seeing Steffy.

Jackie returns to the office and is surprised when Nick boasts that he knows Madame X is a doctor.

Bridget confirms that he saw through her disguise but insists that the designs he saw are her own.

He's surprised to hear that his mother intends to hire her as their new designer. Bridget denies that she's here for any reason other than to work and claims she has no desire to be around him.

Out in the hall, Jackie leaks to Clarke that Madame X is really Bridget and stops him from trying to interrupt their meeting.

He reminds her about Nick and Bridget's failed relationship.

Unconcerned, Jackie barges back into her office and tells her son and Bridget that they will work together.

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