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Marcus presses Steffy for a reason behind her decision to take time away from him. She avoids answering him and claims she needs time.

Sadly leaving, Marcus reminds her one last time that he loves her.

In front of them, Donna and Brooke, Eric complains about the turf war going on between Stephanie and Rick.

Pointing out he's many mistakes, he asks Rick if he's learned his lesson because he can't have the president of the company continue to do so.

He then turns to Stephanie when she defends her statements in Jarrett's article and warns that if she issues an ultimatum to him, she'll be gone.

He insists that she learn to work with Rick but she calls him a loser, just like his mother. When she walks out, Eric tells Rick that he stands by him but insists that he work with Ridge.

Meanwhile, Stephanie warns Ridge that they have to figure out a way to get Rick out of the company. Brooke interrupts and starts to argue.

A tired Ridge stops them both and kicks his mother out of his office.

As Steffy finally leaves the cabin at Big Bear, she finds Rick at the door. Back inside, Steffy tells him about Marcus' marriage proposal and is relieved to hear that she turned him down.

The two then start kissing and lie down in front of the fireplace together.

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