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Rick claims he stole the drawings and gave them to Jackie M Designs for their sake. Steffy can't believe that he could betray her this way.

Rick insists that they couldn't go on with their relationship so he had to act. She blasts him for stabbing her father and his father in their collective back but he complains that no one respects him at Forrester.

Steffy warns that they'll find out what he did and though he claims his excuses are sound, she tells him he has made a grave mistake.

She comes to the conclusion that he should go tell Eric the truth and warns there is no "us" anymore. Katie complains to Brooke about the PR nightmare she now faces because Nick stole the designs from her Forrester.

Admitting he doesn't know what he's going to do, Eric reminds Ridge they're supposed to show a new collection in a couple of days.

He vows that whoever did this is going to jail.

Rick interrupts and confesses that he is responsible for the stolen designs going to Nick, insisting it's not his fault because of the way he's been treated by him, Thorne and Ridge.

Not sure what he's hearing, Eric rages as the truth sinks in.

Throwing everything off his desk as he wails, Eric calls him a criminal for betraying his own father.

Clarke and Jackie charge into Nick's office, boasting of their excitement at the press their new line is receiving. Refusing to cheer up, Nick mumbles that he has hurt Katie and worries when she won't answer his calls.

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