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Owen shows Donna a sample from the sewing room but she points out it's not exactly like Pam's bikini. Eric says it looks like a Spectra knock off.

Worried about disappointing his clients, Eric tells Owen and Donna that he wants to meet the person who designed the crocheted bikini.

When Pam arrives, Donna lies that the bikini actually isn't selling that well. Seeing a red one she knitted this morning, Donna claims they're not interested but Owen blurts out that they need it.

Pam quickly asks for an office and a parking place. When Evelyn Haynes calls from Happy Acres about her mother, Pam tricks Owen and Donna into thinking it's a call from Giorgio Armani about her design.

When Eric returns, Donna confesses that Pam created the bikini.

Eric agrees to hire her. Pam takes great pleasure in trying to force Donna to admit that she needs her.

Back at home after a night on the beach, Brooke assures Ridge it was the perfect wedding night that she will always cherish.

Later, Ridge stops by Taylor's and reveals that he and Brooke were married yesterday. After hearing about their beachfront wedding, Stephanie's surprised that Brooke encouraged him to go see Taylor.

She again insists that she'll make sure Rick faces the consequences of his actions that cost Phoebe her life.

Brooke counters that there is nothing she can do to keep her from being with Ridge.

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