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Rick responds to Stephanie's threat with one of his own. He orders her rather emphatically to get out of his office.

Meeting in the steam room, Ridge and Brooke decide to test the new crocheted bikini.

Seeing how upset Eric is by Stephanie's words in Jarrett's article and that it's affecting his design work, Donna asks him why Stephanie is at Forrester since she doesn't have an office.

He calls her the company matriarch but she points out her hurtful words could cause Rick to sue.

Just then, Rick and Stephanie burst in, complaining about each other and vowing to leave the company if Eric doesn't fire the other.

Brooke appears so Stephanie lashes out at her too and vows not to stay at Forrester if Eric is going to keep the person responsible for Phoebe's death on board.

Throwing down the magazine, Eric rages at them both for putting him in this position but then announces that he has made his decision.

Up at Big Bear, when Steffy doesn't immediately agree to marry him, Marcus claims he can wait until the timing is better.

She points out that the death of her sister should have brought them closer together but didn't. He downplays her concern but she announces that she doesn't think their relationship is going to work.

Upset, Marcus decides that this is Rick's fault and points out the trip to Europe was a big mistake.

As he walks out, she sadly asks if they can be friends.

Marcus reluctantly agrees as long as she's being honest with him about her reasons for ending their relationship.

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