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Stephanie stuns Thorne and Felicia with the news that Ridge and Brooke are breaking up. Ridge tries to convince Brooke that his "slip" doesn't mean their marriage is over.

Denying that Rick's to blame completely, Brooke explains that he can't get past what Rick did and, therefore, because Rick is a part of her, Ridge will never be able to unconditionally love her.

Brooke then decides that Ridge needs Taylor to help him find the peace he needs. When Taylor returns, Brooke explains her desire to help Ridge get better by letting them be together.

She pulls Taylor's hand to Ridge's and tells him goodbye.

On the Hawaiian beach, Owen pushes Jackie to take the surfing lesson from expert surfer Kamal.

As he admires her riding on Kamal's shoulder, Bridget jogs by and is stunned to realize that he and her mother-in-law are vacationing there.

As the two realize the consequences of their lovers meeting, Bridget pleads with him to convince Jackie to leave the island paradise by tonight.

She then hurries back to her suite and is worried to find Nick back from golf already. She suggests they stay in their room tonight, dining and then watching a movie inside.

When she goes to shower, Nick steps out onto the terrace and is shocked by what he sees. Hearing him complain, Bridget is relieved to see he's upset to see a Shady Marlin lookalike.

She panics later to hear Owen next door with Jackie.

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