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Katie brings Eric another magazine featuring Donna on the cover. Ridge and Eric complain about the impact of such bad publicity.

Katie invites them to turn it around in their favor, pointing out all the hits their website is getting along with all the media requests.

Instead, Eric has the management staff sit down for a meeting at which he announces there will be significant changes for the company.

His first order of business is to thank Donna for sticking with the company even after the embarrassing moment. Eric then promotes Marcus to Thorne's position and places Steffy and Thomas in Felicia's old job.

Marcus announces he already has an idea to boost sales by introducing a new, younger line. Rick quickly hints that he thinks the idea is ridiculous but Marcus describes the need for a younger model to capture the spirit they are looking for.

Ridge and Thomas like the idea while Steffy's embarrassed when she senses they and Marcus see her in this new role.

Steffy insists she doesn't want the publicity.

Rick offers to head the project but Eric assigns the four of them to handle it. Brooke stops by Taylor's house so Ridge can spend time with R.J. and points out that "she won."

As she talks about the events leading up to her failed marriage, Taylor guesses that Brooke thinks she did this on purpose.

Brooke reminds her that she allowed Ridge to take an entire bottle of drugs and doubts that she wasn't aware he was "out of it" when they had sex.

Katie complains to Bill about his magazine article about Forrester but is surprised when he shows her the harsher article he didn't run.

She smiles and accuses him of doing this for her and thanks him.

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