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Steffy complains to her mother about finding Brooke "working" Ridge. Ridge interrupts and assures them both that he is happy. Steffy leaves.

Taylor admits she knows Brooke is having a hard time.

Whip kisses Brooke and then fears he's made a big mistake when she questions what he did. However, Brooke suddenly realizes that this was exactly what she needed and thanks him.

As they talk, Whip reveals that he was just hired to handle P.R. for Jackie's company. Whip leaves after talking Brooke into having dinner with him soon.

Steffy later shows and blasts Brooke for trying to take back her father.

Reminding her that she told her she needed time away from Ridge, Steffy demands that she leave her parents alone.

Steffy suggests that she do it for Ridge's sake.

Whip returns to Stephanie's office and finds Pam anxious to hear what happened between "Mr. Whipple and Our Miss Brooke."

Stephanie sends Pam home and then listens to Whip describe how he kissed Brooke and would have been happy to take her to bed.

He warns her that Brooke is still very emotional and doesn't think that she is ready for another man in her life.

Agreeing, Stephanie wonders how to keep Brooke away from Ridge.

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