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Nick surprises Bridget with a pair of diamond earrings and reminds her that it's their one-month wedding anniversary. Kissing Ridge, Brooke accuses him of feeling what she's feeling.

Instead, Ridge claims he hurts too much.

Promising that he'll always love her, Ridge admits he's tired of hurting her and wants to be happy forever. He states again that he's going to marry Taylor.

Steffy and Thomas question their mother about the early days of her relationship with their father.

She recalls how things got complicated between Ridge and Brooke after Caroline died so she ran off to St. Thomas where Ridge found her.

After he kisses her goodbye, Katie arrives and finds Brooke crying.

When she reports that Ridge asked her to stay away, Katie guesses it's because he will never marry Taylor.

She pushes Brooke to grab the phone and call him.

Instead, Brooke sends a text message, pointing out to Katie that he didn't say anything about texting. Ridge reports to his family that Brooke has agreed to stay away.

Steffy and Thomas intercept the text message and photo from Brooke and are outraged. Steffy sends her a message telling Brooke that the picture means nothing to him and asks her to leave him alone.

Brooke starts crying again as she sees he sent a photo of him with Taylor. Out on the terrace, Ridge gives Taylor an engagement ring.

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