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Hiding Ridge's phone, Steffy asks Thomas to figure out how to forward calls from Brooke to another phone. Thomas sends Brooke a message asking her to leave "him" alone.

Steffy later "finds" Ridge's cellphone under some couch cushions and hands it back to her father.

Taylor thanks Stephanie for all of her help and talks about her upcoming wedding. After she leaves, Stephanie spots Brooke and laughs at her when she reads the latest text message she's trying to send to Ridge.

Stephanie asks her to stop stalking Ridge but Brooke angrily states that Ridge has never stopped loving her and storms out.

Later, Steffy panics when Stephanie reports to Ridge that she saw Brooke texting him. After Ridge leaves, Stephanie forces Steffy to explain how she and Thomas have been responding to Brooke's text messages while posing as their father.

Stephanie suggests they keep this quiet
. Feeding him more lemon squares, Pam asks Clarke about his marriage with Sally. He remarks how odd it was but then smiles to report that it was a special time.

She hints that she is special too as Clarke goes on about the "crazy redhead." As Owen watches, Whip gets Jackie excited about a new setting for a new photo session in France.

When Owen figures out they're talking about going surfing in Europe, he suggests they have all they need here in California. Whip points out it's more a culture thing and gets him to admit he's never been to France.

After Owen leaves, Whip tells Jackie that she needs a better man than Owen.

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