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Jackie is thrilled to find a romantic beach cabana Owen arranged under the sky for their honeymoon. Nick gets his hands on Owen and Jackie's hotel bill.

Nick starts packing and explains to his new bride that he needs to get back to L.A.

ASAP to meet with his lawyers and accountants to protect their assets. Felicia and Thorne tell Eric and Donna that they will have their resignations by the end of the day.

Donna points out that they are abandoning their father when he needs them most and wonders if this is how they are going to repay him.

When they don't respond, Eric tells the two that if he wants to cut him out of their lives and his grandchildren out of his life, then he wishes them well.

Eric claims he'll always have Donna and Ridge by his side.

After Stephanie's lecture, Brooke claims that she will figure out how she can work at Forrester without upsetting Ridge.

She claims that she knows she is the only woman for Ridge and will always be that woman. Brooke ends her own talk by boasting that because she knows this, she is at peace.

Brooke then returns to work and announces to Eric and Donna that she is taking a leave of absence for awhile.

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