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Rick tells Steffy that Ridge will never leave his mother. She in turn suggests they reconsider their relationship.

As he embraces her, Thomas enters the office and grabs Rick, ordering him to take his hands off his sister.

Rick pushes Thomas away and Steffy explains that they are in love and will be together.

He responds with a concern about what this will do to their father. Brooke moans to Donna and Katie about her troubled marriage.

Hearing what happened, Donna assures her he'll get over it because Ridge is her husband. Brooke stuns them with the news that their marriage isn't legal.

After kissing her, Ridge wonders why she has stopped and asks if this is what she wanted.

She's concerned about his state of mind but Ridge claims she has been his main support, not Brooke.

Alone for a minute, Ridge pops another "stress" pill.

He welcomes Taylor back to the room and thanks her again for her support.

As he starts to get more and more relaxed, he answers his cellphone and tells Brooke that he'll talk with her tomorrow.

When she calls their fight a "misunderstanding," he points out she still is supporting her son over him so he hangs up on her when she claims it's out of her control.

Katie and Donna offer their support and get her laughing as Brooke points out the Logan girls stick together.

She claims Ridge will get past this so they can go down to City Hall and make their marriage official. Back at Big Bear Ridge tells Taylor how great life is up at the cabin with her.

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