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Brooke cries out Taylor's name. Ridge explains that he had sex with her one time, one night.

When he mentions that he "wasn't himself" when it happened, she guesses that Taylor gave Ridge the anxiety drugs in hopes that he would fall into bed with her.

Ridge corrects her that Taylor only gave him one pill and that he over medicated himself without Taylor's knowledge.

Brooke insists that Taylor wanted to take advantage of him but he denies it. She adds that he betrayed their vows because he was drugged.

Still on their Hawaiian honeymoon, Bridget stops Nick from worrying about Owen by stripping out of most of her swim suit.

On the beach, Owen convinces Jackie to give surfing a try.

Meanwhile, Nick takes Bridget out for a golf lesson. One of her drives sends the little white ball sailing past Jackie and Owen, just missing them.

Checking her cellphone, Stephanie considers calling her son to ask if he told Brooke what happened but Taylor stops her.

Later, Brooke forces her way inside and blasts Taylor for sleeping with Ridge. Seeing Stephanie, Brooke accuses her of setting up the one-night stand.

Stephanie denies it so Brooke harps on Taylor drugging Ridge to make him vulnerable. Denying it, Taylor claims that Ridge slept with her because he was fed up with Brooke.

Brooke angrily demands to know how many pills Ridge took but Ridge stops her. Brooke blasts him for making a mockery of what they share and admits she doesn't know if she can get past this.

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