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Taylor comforts Ridge up at the cabin at Big Bear. Rick urges his mother not to expect the worse with Ridge not answering calls.

Brooke announces that she's going out to find him. After she runs out, Rick tells Steffy that he's got to make this right somehow.

Impressed, she responds that he's changed.

Pam's pleased to hear that Eric asked her sister to come back to the company and guesses that the "high and mighty" Logan family is going to get what's coming to them.

Taylor calls Stephanie with an update about Ridge's reaction to Rick and Steffy dating again. Ridge returns with wood for the fireplace and thanks Taylor for bringing him there.

Brooke's not pleased to find Stephanie waiting in Eric's office. Stephanie admits that she told Taylor about the mixup with the marriage license and suggests that Brooke blew her one chance to remain with Ridge.

She asks Brooke why she can't see how choosing Rick over her husband every time hurts Ridge. Meanwhile, Steffy calls her mother who leaks that she is with Ridge.

Taylor warns her daughter that Ridge is extremely upset and needs her to end things with Rick. Ridge searches Taylor's purse and finds the bottle of pills.

He quickly pops another one and then complains that Brooke failed to support him today. Ridge states that he's now glad that his marriage isn't legal.

He calls his mother and asks her to tell Brooke to call him but also leave him alone for now. Ridge advises Taylor that he wants to be with her now "in the moment" and kisses her.

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