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Bridget admits to Nick that she finds it awkward for them to be alone. He apologizes for hurting her.

After the meeting and a look at some of the new designs, Bridget privately talks with Owen about their sexy dinner date.

When she mentions her talk with Nick, he urges her to forget about the past and expect better in the future.

Owen finds Jackie back at home in her tub in front of the living room window.

He tries to talk with her about Bridget but she interrupts and insists that he strip and join her in the tub.

She also offers to give him a really fast sports car so he can hurry to her place when she calls him.

When Owen states that he wants to be with Bridget, she threatens to fire him.

After advising the Jackie M staff of her plans to generate some much-needed publicity, Stephanie stops by to see Catherine Spencer but finds Bill Jr. is taking her meeting.

She explains how she left Forrester and now would like some publicity through him and Spencer Communications, asking him to publish some articles that she has written.

After he reads them, Bill agrees to publish them but wants more from her, suggesting they publish them on the Internet as part of a webcast.

Stephanie likes the idea and hints that what she has to say will be a blow against Forrester Creations and her ex-husband.

She's impressed to see the "Inside Fashion" website already created for her and takes Bill's challenge to do her first webcast.

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