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Brooke and Ridge argue about Stephanie's webcast. She admits she wants to sue her for libel.

Ridge calms her down and suggests they have enough problems in their lives.

When Brooke reminds Ridge that Rick promised to stay away from Steffy, Ridge wonders if he's telling the truth.

She insists that they can both trust her son.

Rick finds Steffy in his office, dropping off a document so he makes yet another play for her.

As he claims he can't hurt her anymore than he already has, Rick tenderly takes her face in his hand.

Just then, Taylor arrives and is sickened to see what he's doing. She runs back to Stephanie at Jackie M and reveals what she saw and the horrible feeling she felt.

Rick hands Steffy a disc he's been working on in the A/V Department, entitled "Tribute."

He claims once again that he knows that it's over between them but can't stop remembering how she was his lifeline after Phoebe died.

Rick states that the production is a tribute to Phoebe's memory for Steffy and her family.

Steffy quickly asks him to play it and quickly starts crying a she watches it and listens to her sister singing. Afterwards, she embraces Rick and thanks him.

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