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Rick assures Steffy and his mom that the tribute DVD was not a stunt. Rick offers to talk with Ridge but Brooke claims he won't listen.

Rick asks if this means that she's taking Ridge's side again.

She warns that Ridge has warned her about supporting Rick no matter what he says. Privately, Steffy confides to Rick that while she wants to be with him, she also knows that her father will never accept him because he was the driver the night Phoebe died.

She states that they cannot be together but before she leaves, he convinces her to take the ring he meant for her and suggests she look at it when she's feeling lonely.

Taylor assures Ridge that she would never lie to him.

She explains that thanks to Pam, her clerical error resulted in a denied marriage license which means that his marriage to Brooke is not legal.

She goes on to suggest that he could make it legal but urges him to reconsider.

Insisting that Brooke has not treated him fairly, Taylor asks if he's ever thought of the two of them and all that they once shared.

Ridge admits it's mind-boggling to him that Brooke continues to support her son where their daughter is concerned.

Taylor suggests to Ridge that Brooke will never understand the pain that they both feel because she's never lost a child.

Ridge asks her not to tell anyone about the license and she responds with a kiss.

Donna tells Bill that his father once had nude photos of her published in a magazine and asks what he really wants with her and Eric.

She asks why he's "teaming up" with Stephanie to come after them.

Calling him "dollar Bill," Donna asks him what he wants besides her but he sends her out.

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