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Katie finds the photo of Nick and Bridget. Later, Katie announces to her mother that she is leaving Nick.

After Brooke fails to convince her to give Nick time, Katie writes a "Dear Nick" letter and leaves her ring with it.

When Jackie asks Owen what they should do tonight, he admits he has a date with Bridget and warns that neither she nor Nick can stop him from being with her.

She's curious to hear Nick lectured him.

At the office Bridget hands Nick his letter of resignation and claims that she's done what she intended to do in proving that she can be a designer.

She then crumbles, explaining that she can't do this anymore and wonders why he kissed her. Nick questions her decision to resign but she insists it's what she needs to do.

He grabs her and argues with her about dating Owen. Owen interrupts and takes Bridget out for their date.

Later, Nick asks Jackie to help him get Bridget back.

When Bill arrives at the Forrester mansion, he boasts to Eric that he's looking forward to getting to know Donna better.

Offering him champagne, Eric tells Bill that Stephanie is being vindictive and wants it to stop.

Showing him a copy of his magazine touting the "downfall of Forrester," Bill asks Eric what happened to the company his readers used to love.

He then offers him $100 million for Forrester Creations.

But when he starts badmouthing the Logan ladies, Eric orders him to get out.

Instead, Bill boasts that in spite of his father, he turned the family business into the success it is today and warns him what will happen if he doesn't accept his offer.

When Eric is called away, Bill reminds Donna he'll leave Eric alone if Donna will spend one night with him. She orders him to get out.

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