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Bridget assures everyone she is fine. Stephanie congratulates Pam on her appearance. Whip comes up with the idea of getting Jackie M back to the beginning.

As they bounce the idea around the room, Owen jokingly suggests that he'll be wearing a fig leaf which leads to a brainstorming sessio.

After the meeting, Bridget talks with Nick about having a surrogate giving them a child. Nick assures her that it will be her child.

Katie tells Bill about Steffy's idea to use the Logan women in a Hollywood-theme campaign.

He doesn't think the idea works for Forrester but she doesn't want to stifle her creativity. Steffy interrupts and sends Katie to accounting. She then offers to explain her new idea to Bill.

She points out how wrong it is for him to be sitting in Eric's chair.

Inviting two models in wearing hastily designed gowns to demonstrate what she means, Steffy explains to Bill her idea that all women can be glamorous like the movie stars of the past.

When she asks for his reaction, Bill comments that she is persistent and later advises Katie that Steffy is very impressive.

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