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Bill announces to Katie that she can make all wedding decisions. Bill also suggests to Katie that they promote Steffy to promotion director.

When Katie gives her the news, Steffy hugs her tightly and thanks her for giving her the opportunity. Katie suggests that she thank Bill too.

When she does, Bill claims he didn't give this to her, telling her that she earned it. Comparing her to her grandmother, Bill claims she has the chance to be as important to Forrester as Stephanie once was.

Brooke and Ridge are surprised hear about Steffy's success with her idea and subsequent promotion. Ridge reacts to hear this was Bill's idea.

When Katie claims that this new line requires everyone's input including Ridge's as lead designer, he vows to do his best, especially since Steffy is involved.

Nick and Bridget seek advice from Owen about using a surrogate to have a baby.

He gives them the name of the woman who helped him and looks on with a pained face as Bridget anxiously tells her husband that she wants to meet with her today.

The two welcome Andrea to their office later and explain that Bridget is unable to carry a baby to term.

As they page through the book of surrogates, Bridget notices one woman in particular. Andrea offers to contact Sandra today and set up a meeting.

Out in the hall, Andrea calls Agnes and leaves a message about her plan working. She warns her not to ruin this.

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