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Nick and nervous Bridget pace as they meet the surrogate. Sandy introduces herself and claims that she loves kids, but also needs the money.

She assures them both that she watches what she eats and will do so while she is pregnant. After Sandy steps out, Bridget tells Nick that Sandy seemed perfect and adds that she connected with her.

Nick responds that she seemed nervous but when Sandy returns, they advise her that she's in the running. Sandy interrupts and gushes about how she wants to give them a baby.

Her speech does the trick as Bridget tells Nick they don't need to look at anyone else. Walking into her office and finding Brooke and Ridge kissing, Katie admits that she's frustrated by her wedding plans.

She explains that she hasn't been able to find the perfect gown to wear.

Ridge offers to help and stuns her when he brings in the gown he made for her. He denies that he did this because of Bill and claims he made this because she is Brooke's sister.

As she chats with Bill, Steffy remarks that she's surprised he's not the evil Bill that everyone thinks he is. He claims he does that to keep everyone on their toes.

When she asks why he bought Forrester, Bill insists it's a great investment.

She's surprised when he confirms that he respects her parents and grandparents.

Admitting he thinks she and Katie share many of the same qualities, Bill insists his falling in love with Katie had nothing to do with his decision to make her CEO.

When she asks to take a look at the small sword he wears on a chain around his neck, he claims it represents him because he never gives up and never surrenders. She vows to make him proud and kisses him.

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